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Wish all ourfriendsa MerryChristmas and ahappy newyear.

Welook forwardtoanother year ofexhibitions andother excitingplans.


Show in Letohallen Luggen was 3rd best male for judge Zeljeko Gajic


Show in Letohallen Diora was 3rd best female for judge Antonio Di Lorenzo


Show in Drammen Luggen was 3rd best male, Diora 2 in her group 6-9 puppy.


Todaywe received thefinal approvalofourKennelNameAmorBella!

We are soproudto presentKennelAmorBella andour loved ones!

CERF results 02.08.2011

Thisyearwasthree of ourdogsCERF'edforthefirsttime.

Cipracrest's Karaoke Overkill "Indie", Cipracrest's Gilbert Grape "Diesel" and Cipracrest's Life Thru A Lens "Luggen", all CLEAR.

But Dieselhada bitlowKCS.

We hada pleasant daywithgood friendsand dogs, abeautifulsummer day.


Luggen was BOB and BOB Junior today at Hadeland Glassverk for judge Ferdi Dicmann.

My Little Diòra was second best female in her class 4-6 month for the same judge.


Diòra was BOB at NMHK puppy show, this was her second time in the ring, so proud of her.

See results for critics.


Diòra was second best female at her first puppy show today, for judge Zlatko Krajiic also at Letohallen.


Luggen was BOB and got his first CAC today, for judge Åke Crondander at Letohallen.


Luggen is attending his first Junior show at Letohallen 30.04.2011.

We are looking forward to this show and hope for lots of fun.

My baby Diòra will attend at her first puppy show at Letohallen 01.05.2011.

We are so exited to show her off.


On Friday, 01.04.2011 Steinar and I went to Sweden to pick up a new family member.

We wish our beautiful Sun-Hee's Can't Get Enough "Diòra" welcome to her new home.

She is co-owned with Kjersti Fauske, but will stay with me and my family.

We are so excited about her and can not wait to start showing her.

Many thanks to Helena Karlsson for this beautiful girl and the trust you place in us.

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