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We are expecting puppies! See litters.

Alisha are expecting her first litterin week51 <3

26- 28.10.2013:

Banditta got two CAC this weekend, double show at Letohallen! I am so proud of her, see results.

07- 08.09.2013:

A show weekend in Drammen, KGFH. We had a wonderful day with dogs and friends.

Banditta was 2 Best female the first day and 4 Best female the second day, see results.

22- 23.06.2013:

This was our last show weekend before summer vacation, Banditta was 3rd Best female both days and was BOB junior on the first day.


We hadtwo wonderfuldays atHadeland Glassverk withgood friends, dogs and show.My girls Banditta and Alisha did well,see results.

13.05.2013 and 03.06.13:

13.05.13 Alisha wascerfed cleartoday withoutremarks,so happy!

03.06.13 Patella Luc. Normal.


Today we were on a dog show in Drammen,NorwegianBichon FriseClub.

Bandittawas placed2nd best female withres.cac andAlisha3best female.

This wasBanditta'sfirst showsince shewas a puppyand sheshowed her self very well,so proudofmy girls.


Nowwe are pleasedthatsummer arrives and paleskin nowwill soonget anice summercolor :)

We arealso planningour first litterthis year, and we are so exitet abut it, thiswill happenin the fall if everything goesas planned <3  We hope thatthis combinationgives uspuppies withgood temperamentand lots ofshow temper.


Someexhibitionhasit also beenat the beginningof this year.

Alishahasbeen onher3 firstshows,she gotexellentandckand wehope for moreshows in2013 with our dogs.


Luggenhas also comebackto us from thecarer,he has been sounfortunateto behit by acar.Hebrokehis legandimplanteda plate tohold thefracturein place.Heis in good healthand spirits<3


Banditta movedto carerbut camehome againin August 2012, shenow lives withus andwe looking forward to show her in the ring again :).

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