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Indie BOS at his first puppy show in Stange and we are so proud of the little boy.

He got the following critique of Judge Peter Rehanek:

4 months old

Body of age

Typical head

scissor bite

very nice crest

well angulation

Very good on movment

Very promesing




We took a trip to Stange today as well and Indie was at its best and became BOS also today,

I'm so proud of him.

This day was Rune Langaard judge and his criticisms are:

Very appiling puppy

nice body and well anguletion

goes very well on his legs



This day we went to Moss and Indie was No. 2 in 4-6 months class.

Judge this day was Natasa Blanusa and her criticisms are:

Nicely dev. puppy. Ex. bone and substance

Corr. prop and head. Nice expresion

Very well-dev. body with deep chest

Typical movement.

Very promesing



Moss today as well and what a day, Indie got BOS today, we were so excited and happy.

Judge today was Sanda Kekez Veselic and criticism were:

5 months

good type

Nice head shape

Nice head prop.

Good body

Good angulation front & behind

Nice pigment

Free in movment


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