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Cipracres's Life Thru A Lens "Luggen"

Third BM for judge Zeljko Gajic


20 mnd old

V. Nice head and exp

Corr eye shape and ear set.

Well dev. chest

Nice topline

Corr tail set

g. frond and reat ang.

Moves well



Sun Hee's Can't Get Enough "Diora"

Third BF for judge Antonio Di Lorenzo


V.G type

V.G prop.

Exc angulated front and back

G. enough ears

Femenin expression

V.G movment



Sun-Hees Can't Get Enough "Diora

Second BF in class 6-9 months for judge Paolo Dondina


Corr Bite

V.g pigment

Dark Eyes

Corr ear shape and carrige

Corr front and feat and god fetering

Good show cond.

Verry vell musseld in hind quarter

Happy temp.

Corr movement



Cipracret's Life Thru A Lens "Luggen"

Third best male for judge Ana Mesto Martin


Exc. head

very nice ears

Exc. front

V.g. angulated and v.g tailset

Exc. quality of coat and skin.

Exc. front and ang.

V.g. movement

V.g temp.

V.g handling



Cipracrest's Life Thru A Lens "Luggen"

Best Male, CAC, BOB and BOB Junior for judge Ferdi Dicmann at Hadeland Glassverk.



Sun-Hee's Can't Get Enough "Diòra"

NMHK puppy show, BOB for judge Espen Andersen:


Correct head

Well laid back shoulders

Very good toppline

Good pigment

Correct marked coat

The right quality of the coat

Square front and back

The tail places correctly

Well shutted mouth with correct lips



Sun-Hee's Can't Get Enough "Diòra"

Second Best female in class 4-6 month for judge Zlatko Krajiic.


Good builded female

Slightly stronger foreheads

Corr ears

Good topline

Moves well

To much coat on the crest



30.04.2011: Luggen

Cipracret's Life Thru A Lens " Luggen"

Best male, CAC, BOB for Judge Åke Cronander.


Very appealing

Masculine head, very good expression

Nice earsGood body for age, vell angulated

Smooth skin

Good legs and paws

Moves with great strides and great attitude


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